Canadian Prime Minister's "influencer marketing": The domestic lobster tastes great! Netizen: Who can afford it?

According to CCTV News, on May 14th local time, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did a "influencer marketing" at a press conference, recommending people to buy cheese, fried fish and lobsters in their country to reduce the economic impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic .

Create a 10 billion output value deep sea cage industry! Guo Genxi, South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute: Yangjiang "deep blue fishery" has great potential

Recently, a reporter from Yangjiang daily interviewed Guo Genxi, chief scientist of deep sea cage of China Academy of Fishery Sciences, on the current situation of "deep blue fishery", the development path and Prospect of Yangjiang deep sea cage industry, and the construction of "offshore wind po

New packaging and plant-based fish: How Bumble Bee tuna is trying to make a comeback

Moving in on plant-based tuna Interest in plant-based alternatives to animal products has exploded. The trend kicked off with dairy substitutes, like soy and almond milk, and has been gaining steam with meat substitutes popularized by Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat (BYND).