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Canadian Lobster reservation, cooking methods also live

Nearly 500 grams of fresh Canadian lobster is only 79 yuan / piece, and there are live broadcasts to introduce a variety of cooking methods; great discounts on fresh flowers and dress up life; 17 hotels also host the theme of "changing a new home to see Shanghai", The launch of the "Parent-Child

Southern Metropolis Daily: Zhuhai fish boss live broadcast with aquatic products

Recently, the transformation experience of Xie Zuming, the owner of Jiyuan Aquatic Products in Doumen District, Zhuhai, boarded the CCTV Finance Channel. He and his company overcome the impact of the epidemic and solved the sales problem through live broadcast sales.

Why are Lianyungang and Suqian among the top 5 broadcast cities in China?

It's not just Donghai County. According to reports, there are more than 3000 live seafood sellers in Haitou Town, Lianyungang, with 200000 daily E-Commerce orders delivered. Yihaojun saw on a fast hand that a girl dressed in white in Lianyungang was sitting at the beach and a big table seafood.

Consul General of Argentina in Shanghai has live broadcasting with seafood. Call the global "Net Red Shrimp" on the Chinese e-commerce platform

From April 14, the Consul General of Argentina's Consulate General in Shanghai, China, Pablo o'bregon will become a "10 billion recommender" to broadcast Argentine red shrimp live to nearly 600 million Chinese consumers.