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The third China International Marine ranch Expo Liaoning (Dalian) International Fishery Expo opened on October 23

The 3rd China International Ocean Ranch Expo Liaoning (Dalian) International Fisheries Expo opened on October 23 at Dalian World Expo Plaza.

The exhibition lasted for 3 days, with 909 booths and 343 exhibitors.

More than 100,000 Southern fries will "settle down" in Qingdao and "swim" to the public tables in two months

On the morning of April 15, in the National Ocean Pasture of luhaifeng, located in the new West Coast area, more than 100,000 high-quality seedlings such as Lateolabrax, Pseudosciaena crocea, Jiaji and Baogong fish, which came from Fujian by "chartered boat", were placed in the cages.

How spectacular is China's fishery? This time, we started Google maps, followed the steps of the camera to enjoy the fishing style of the motherland

Recently, a hot search was conducted for an answer because someone asked a question:
How does China produce so much food that it can feed 1.4 billion people? Import or self-sufficiency?
Janus Dongye, Ph.D., University of Cambridge, has a brilliant answer!

Create a 10 billion output value deep sea cage industry! Guo Genxi, South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute: Yangjiang "deep blue fishery" has great potential

Recently, a reporter from Yangjiang daily interviewed Guo Genxi, chief scientist of deep sea cage of China Academy of Fishery Sciences, on the current situation of "deep blue fishery", the development path and Prospect of Yangjiang deep sea cage industry, and the construction of "offshore wind po