National Fisheries Institute Statement on the Safety of Seafood from the United States

Simply stated, people cannot get COVID-19 from eating seafood. Specific to imported seafood that Chinese families enjoy, experts at the Chinese National Health Commission stated, “There’s no evidence so far showing salmon are the origin or intermediate hosts of the coronavirus.”

Alaska’s salmon industry contends with a rumor from China that you can get COVID-19 from seafood

Fish marketing experts are assessing how the rumors could affect Alaska salmon’s image in the world. If people think eating salmon could put them at increased risk of contracting the virus — even if that information is incorrect — that could harm markets.

Nova Scotia lobster exporters feel the pinch of new COVID-19 testing in China

Lobster Council of Canada says 'we've hit a significant snag' because of new testing requirements

New testing measures imposed in at least three cities — Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou— have led to cancelled lobster shipments from Nova Scotia this week and delays for shipments that do