vNamecard: Tangshan Haidu Seafood

Tangshan seafood

Tangshan Haidu Seafood was established in 2006. It is an integrated fishery group company based on the research and development of modern fishery technology, the selection and breeding of marine biological species, factory farming, ecological pond breeding, marine ranching, leisure fishery, seafood processing, import and export trade, and catering chain. The bases are located in Luannan, Caofeidian and Tangshan International Tourism Island along the coast of Tangshan.

Currently, "Haidu" has 7 production bases:
1. Marine biological varieties selection and breeding base
2. Factory breeding base
3. Three-dimensional ecological breeding base in seawater ponds
4. Tidal flat shellfish breeding base
5. Deep-water anti-wind and wave metal cage breeding base
6. Ocean Ranch Base
7. Purification of living marine shellfish and export registered marine products processing logistics base
The main products of the company are:
Redfin pufferfish, prawns, sea cucumbers, octopus, clams, etc. The main export product markets are Japan, South Korea, Australia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.