More than 500 kinds of imported seafood from Norway have landed in Jingdong Food Carnival


A lot of good things come from northern Europe! On May 15, the "Norwegian Seafood country Festival" jointly created by Jingdong fresh food and Norwegian Seafood Bureau opened! The salmon and cod produced by a hundred year old local brand in Norway will be launched in Jingdong, and the high-quality imported Norwegian seafood such as blue and white fish will be intensively landed in Jingdong, bringing good opportunities for consumers to taste the northern European ocean taste!

The "Norwegian Seafood Festival" covers almost all Norwegian Seafood categories, including fish, shrimp, shellfish, seafood products, etc. there are not only Norwegian salmon, which has won the sales Championship position, but also Norwegian Cod, blue and white fish, flounder, Arctic shrimp and other popular products, with more than 500 kinds of fresh quality participating in the activity.