Canadian Lobster reservation, cooking methods also live


Nearly 500 grams of fresh Canadian lobster is only 79 yuan / piece, and there are live broadcasts to introduce a variety of cooking methods; great discounts on fresh flowers and dress up life; 17 hotels also host the theme of "changing a new home to see Shanghai", The launch of the "Parent-Child Outing Tour Package" and many other benefits ... Does the wonderful and pleasant surprise of the "May 5th Shopping Festival" still make you excited?

Lobster airlifted from the origin to Shanghai:

This year's spring harvest season for Canadian lobsters is coming. Carrefour has specially cooperated with Canadian lobster suppliers to "find fresh" origins and bring high-quality and cheap lobster commodities to domestic consumers.

The Canadian lobster will be pre-sold at all Carrefour stores in Shanghai from now until May 13th, and the nearly 500 grams lobster costs only 79 yuan / piece. After May 13, freshly harvested lobsters will be airlifted from the Canadian origin to Shanghai to ensure the freshness and quality of the lobsters. Consumers participating in the pre-sale can pick up the goods at various stores on May 17.