More than 100,000 Southern fries will "settle down" in Qingdao and "swim" to the public tables in two months


On the morning of April 15, in the National Ocean Pasture of luhaifeng, located in the new West Coast area, more than 100,000 high-quality seedlings such as Lateolabrax, Pseudosciaena crocea, Jiaji and Baogong fish, which came from Fujian by "chartered boat", were placed in the cages. This is Qingdao's first batch of fries of South Fish North Raising this year. It is reported that in about two months, these fishes will be able to "swim" to the public tables.
This year, Qingdao plans to cultivate 100 deep-water cages and 600,000 of fish species. In the future, more fries will be settled in Qingdao. In fact, last year, a number of "Southern Fish" were raised in the north, and were welcomed by island consumers. So, what are the reasons for "settling down" in the north of "South fish"?