2020 Fuzhou Fisheries Expo, Hongdong tuna cutting show!

The protagonist of the Hongdong tuna cutting show is bluefin tuna imported from Spain, with a body length of 225 cm, a height of 65 cm and a weight of 718 Jin. It is the rarest and most expensive tuna species. There are a lot of myoglobin in tuna. The protein content in fish is 20%.

China (Fuzhou) Fisheries Expo 2020 Fujian Shihai  Fishery Company self fishing products show up at the exhibition!

All the fishery products exhibited in this Expo are all caught by Fujian Shihai Fishery in the waters of Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. In particular, a giant arowana in the exhibition area caused many visitors to stop and watch.

How spectacular is China's fishery? This time, we started Google maps, followed the steps of the camera to enjoy the fishing style of the motherland

Recently, a hot search was conducted for an answer because someone asked a question:
How does China produce so much food that it can feed 1.4 billion people? Import or self-sufficiency?
Janus Dongye, Ph.D., University of Cambridge, has a brilliant answer!

2020 China Zhangzhou international aquaculture industry expo

In order to implement the Fujian provincial government's opinions on accelerating the development of seven advantageous and characteristic industries of agriculture, and accelerate the construction of Fujian's 100 billion yuan industry chain, the government Fisheries Department has formulated and