Novel coronavirus live virus isolated from cold chain food packaging

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced on the 17th that during the traceability investigation of Qingdao's new crown pneumonia epidemic, the center detected and isolated live virus from positive samples of imported frozen cod carried by workers.

Jellyfish and chips? Replacing fish on takeaway menus with other ocean creatures could save threatened species

There are 92 endangered and 11 critically endangered sea creatures in meals
Researchers say labelling doesn't always require the actual species to be named
Seafood listed as 'flake' or 'fish' on a menu could be from an endangered species 

In one month, the meat industry’s supply chain broke. Here’s what you need to know.

The coronavirus pandemic is now endangering the U.S. beef, chicken and pork supply chain. Worker illness has shut down meat-processing plants and forced remaining facilities to slow production to accommodate absenteeism and social-distancing protocols.

Eat" to help Hubei, More than 70 million catties of aquatic products are online connected to fish pond sides

The reporter learned on April 22 that under the direct guidance of the fishery and fishery administration of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the China Association of aquatic products circulation and processing will jointly hold the "I'll make a big order for Hubei Province - Hubei aq

Allergy Alert Issued by Buckhead Meat and Seafood of Houston, Inc. for Undeclared Wheat, Soy, Milk, Fish and Eggs in Frozen Flounder Stuffed with Seafood

Buckhead Meat and Seafood of Houston, Inc., a Sysco Company, is voluntarily recalling a small quantity of frozen Flounder Stuffed with Seafood because its labeling inadvertently did not identify the following allergens in the product: wheat, soy, milk, fish, and eggs.