Harvest from the sea in the golden autumn season, go shopping for seafood in Shakou, and go!

On October 25, local residents were shopping for seafood at the Shakou Fishing Port in Laoshan District. In the golden autumn season, there is a good harvest from the sea. The small fishing boats at the Shazikou River Mouth Fishing Port are fishing offshore.

Chinese experts separate live virus from imported frozen seafood packaging

Chinese health experts have separated live strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from the outer packaging of imported frozen seafood. The surprising finding came as they were tracing the source of the recent infections in China's eastern port city of Qingdao.

Novel coronavirus live virus isolated from cold chain food packaging

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced on the 17th that during the traceability investigation of Qingdao's new crown pneumonia epidemic, the center detected and isolated live virus from positive samples of imported frozen cod carried by workers.

In the golden autumn season, the sea catches busy, the seafood is hot

On October 15, residents scour for seafood at Nanjiang wharf, Laoshan District, Qingdao. During the golden autumn season, a large number of fishing boats from Nanjiang wharf brought back shrimp and crabs to the wharf, attracting many residents to sweep goods and bustle with trade.

Li Village gathers seasonal seafood. Mackerel with large quantity, high quality and most expensive 38 yuan per catty

On the morning of April 13, the reporter saw in the Daji agricultural trade market of Li village that all kinds of seasonal seafood are available. In front of each stall selling seafood, fresh mackerel is placed in the most prominent position. "Local mackerel is cheap! 38 yuan a Jin, cheap!

More than 100,000 Southern fries will "settle down" in Qingdao and "swim" to the public tables in two months

On the morning of April 15, in the National Ocean Pasture of luhaifeng, located in the new West Coast area, more than 100,000 high-quality seedlings such as Lateolabrax, Pseudosciaena crocea, Jiaji and Baogong fish, which came from Fujian by "chartered boat", were placed in the cages.