Closed Fishing Period

Shandong maritime police bureau cracked the first case of illegal fishing in 2020

On May 12, Shandong maritime police bureau successfully cracked the first case of illegal fishing in the closed season of the sea area under its jurisdiction, involving about 15000 Jin of illegal fishing catch, worth about 200000 yuan.

Vietnam protests against China's ban on fishing in the South China Sea Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Vietnam has no right to talk about this

A reporter asked: according to reports, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Vietnam issued a statement on the 8th, saying that Vietnam protested against China's unilateral implementation of the fishing ban in the South China Sea and asked China to stop further complicating the situation in th

Specially explore islands where no one goes "Fishing Little Fairy" concentrates on catching the sea during the fishing off season

For fishermen who depend on the sea, may means a period of suspension for offshore operations. Since May 1, most of the sea areas in the country have entered a closed closed period. Fishermen and fish in the sea will have a chance to recuperate.

The Closed Fishing Period  is approaching! Yuhuan citizens open seafood hoarding mode

It is understood that according to the relevant notice of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas in March, the closed fishing period in 2020 shall be implemented in accordance with the notice of the Ministry of agriculture on adjusting the closed fishing system in the marine summer (notice [