Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute held a seafood tasting and chef exchange meeting

On October 29, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute held a large seafood tasting meeting and chef exchange meeting in Shenzhen Futian Shangri La Hotel, attracting the participation of many local traders and media.

2020 Chongqing Yubei Sanya Bay first Seafood Festival seafood cooking skills competition

In order to carry forward the seafood culture, show the cooking concept of Sanya Bay seafood catering in northern Chongqing, strengthen the interaction of cooking skills, enrich the cuisine supply of Sanya Bay seafood catering market, and help the innovation and development of Sanya Bay seafood c

How does seafood catering industry get through the dark moments?

A report released by the China Cuisine Association last month on the resumption of work in the catering industry in the first half showed that the operation of most catering companies has recovered to 70 percent to 80 percent of the pre-epidemic level, with the decline continuing to decrease, and sh