In the first international fishery expo this year, the exhibition group of Zhuhai Park gained 110 million yuan

It is reported that this exhibition brought together 2029 companies from 67 countries and regions including the United States, South Korea, Australia, Argentina, Norway, Spain, Thailand, Canada, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, Turkey, Japan, and Scotland.

2020 Fuzhou Fisheries Expo, Hongdong tuna cutting show!

The protagonist of the Hongdong tuna cutting show is bluefin tuna imported from Spain, with a body length of 225 cm, a height of 65 cm and a weight of 718 Jin. It is the rarest and most expensive tuna species. There are a lot of myoglobin in tuna. The protein content in fish is 20%.

Scientists Identify at Least 11 Fish Species That May Be Capable of Walking on Land

At first, the idea of a walking fish sounds ridiculous – but such hybrid creatures have played a key role in the evolution of the animal kingdom on Earth. Now, new research has shown that more fish than we ever realised may be able to walk about on land.