Incredible! "Jinping Pickled Fish" Approved for National Geographical Indication Protection Product

Jinping County became the first batch of Guizhou Province organic product certification demonstration creation zone, with 18 organic certification certificates and a certified area of 38609 acres, ranking third and first in Southeast Guizhou.

Tilapia export facing crisis, expanding sales channels and building consensus in domestic market

In March 2020, China Aquatic Products Circulation and Processing Association pointed out in the "Effects of  novel coronavirus pandemic on China's Aquatic Products Processing Industry" that due to the spread of the international epidemic, the international trade communication channels were interr

From disorder to order, from fanaticism to reason! Talk to these industry leaders and see the current status and future of the crayfish industry!

Last year's warm winter was immediately followed by this year's warm spring. This year's market time for crayfish was 10-15 days earlier than in previous years. If it happened last year, farmers are expected to be ecstatic.

Suddenly! Many countries have banned grain exports! The big storm is still behind, and feed prices will rise?

At present, nearly 600,000 people have been diagnosed with novel coronavirus pandemic worldwide, and the United States has become a global epidemic center with 104,686 confirmed cases. The epidemic situation in Europe is still not optimistic, and response measures have been upgraded.

Miserable! Are black fish farmers going to lose money this year? What about the overstocked "inventory"?

Affected by the situation, Zhongshan crispy grass carp, crispy tilapia and black fish are all unsalable. Now, the catering industry has been restored to eat in, whether the circulation of aquatic products has been opened, and whether the overstocked "inventory" has been sold out?

Fishermen offer fresh seafood right to the customer amid Coronavirus concerns

"We're just like everybody else, everybody is kind of unemployed right now. We're having to take these extra measures to sell to the public itself, just to have a job and keep some money going in. We're selling lobsters at a pretty discounted rate. Like they're going for $6-$7a pound right now.