Shandong maritime police bureau cracked the first case of illegal fishing in 2020

On May 12, Shandong maritime police bureau successfully cracked the first case of illegal fishing in the closed season of the sea area under its jurisdiction, involving about 15000 Jin of illegal fishing catch, worth about 200000 yuan.

Eat Seafood America! A Campaign To Increase Seafood Consumption Amid A National Meat Shortage.

With headlines of meat shortages strewn throughout the news, many Americans have started to adapt by changing their diets. In many cases, this means eating more seafood, and there is hope that even more Americans will hop on board and follow this trend.

Black and White Night, Fatacil, medieval fair, sardine and seafood festivals all cancelled

The Algarve’s most popular summer events – such as Carvoeiro’s Black & White Night, Lagoa’s Fatacil, Silves’ Medieval Fair, Portimão’s Sardine Festival and Olhão’s Seafood Festival – have all been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic following a meeting of the region’s mayors on Monday (

Family featured on 'Deadliest Catch' teams up with Pacific Seafood to donate 30,000 lbs of fish to Oregon Food Bank

If you watch “Deadliest Catch,” you may be familiar with the Retherfords, a Newport-based fishing family who was featured on the show.

Now, the Retherfords are teaming up with Pacific Seafood and the Oregon Food Bank to help local families in need.

Vietnam's export of Basa fish to various countries has declined! Exports to China in the second quarter are unpredictable!

In February 2020, the export of Basa fish to ASEAN increased by only 16.3%. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, many countries suspended commercial transactions to control the disease.

Canadian Lobster reservation, cooking methods also live

Nearly 500 grams of fresh Canadian lobster is only 79 yuan / piece, and there are live broadcasts to introduce a variety of cooking methods; great discounts on fresh flowers and dress up life; 17 hotels also host the theme of "changing a new home to see Shanghai", The launch of the "Parent-Child