Rice and Shrimp Co-cultivation, Australian freshwater lobster farmed in rice fields

Australian freshwater lobster is native to Australia. The shrimp has been introduced for trial breeding in recent years and has achieved artificial breeding and adult shrimp breeding success.

Shandong Laizhou has a Seafood Village! It is said that many villagers eat seafood?

Zhuwang village is located 10 kilometers north of Laizhou City, with a coastline of 7 kilometers. 
It is the second largest village in our city after Sanshan island. 
It produces all kinds of local small seafood, which is deeply loved by the general public. 

Lubao will help Sanshui to build a 50000 Mu fishery world industrial park

The Sanshui fishing World Industrial Park, which spans Leping, Lubao and Datang, is an important starting point for Sanshui District to promote the revitalization of rural industry and realize the prosperity of the people and the village this year.

2020 Chongqing Yubei Sanya Bay first Seafood Festival seafood cooking skills competition

In order to carry forward the seafood culture, show the cooking concept of Sanya Bay seafood catering in northern Chongqing, strengthen the interaction of cooking skills, enrich the cuisine supply of Sanya Bay seafood catering market, and help the innovation and development of Sanya Bay seafood c