Around 400 million yuan!  15 million kilos of  Thai frogs have starved to death, Remaining half might die within one month

Misery! If the ban is not lifted quickly, in less than one month, all the 60 million kilos of Thai frogs in Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi will be dead, with a loss of more than 400 million yuan!

Start of prohibition of capture and sale of portunid crabs with eggs and Juvenile crabs. Zhoushan enters the "closed season"

On the morning of April 1, Zhoushan marine administrative law enforcement team and other members issued and posted the notice of Zhoushan Municipal People's Government on the protection of portunid crab  resources in the central fishing port of the new city, Aoshan wharf, agricultural trade marke

Australian fishermen brokering deal to fly lobsters to China, get coronavirus medical supplies in return

Australia's biggest wild-caught fishery is trying to secure an air freight charter to China to maintain a foothold in the world's biggest seafood market — and possibly bring back medical supplies to Australia on the return trip.

New packaging and plant-based fish: How Bumble Bee tuna is trying to make a comeback

Moving in on plant-based tuna Interest in plant-based alternatives to animal products has exploded. The trend kicked off with dairy substitutes, like soy and almond milk, and has been gaining steam with meat substitutes popularized by Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat (BYND).