The 4th China International Modern Fisheries and Fishery Science and Technology Expo opened grandly

With the theme of "Innovation Driven, Technology Leading, and Green Development", the Expo focus on the trading of scientific and technological achievements, smart fishery display, fishery brand building, awards and commendations, and promote the transformation of achievements, brand promotion, i

The price of Ecuadorian white shrimp factory has plunged! 40/50 specifications fell below $5! What does it mean for the market outlook?

White shrimp factory prices fell precipitously, 40/50 specifications fell below $5
On November 10, the prices of Ecuadorian factories all fell. Today's latest quotation was reduced by 0.2 US dollars yesterday and 0.5 dollars a week ago.

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute held a seafood tasting and chef exchange meeting

On October 29, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute held a large seafood tasting meeting and chef exchange meeting in Shenzhen Futian Shangri La Hotel, attracting the participation of many local traders and media.